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Why can I go an entire day without eating and not feel hungry, but on days where I have breakfast or lunch, I get hungry?

I’ve noticed this exact same thing with myself.

You’re going to read a bunch of people replying saying that it’s because eating breakfast increases your metabolism, which is false. Or that because your body is expending energy to digest that food it needs more energy later, which is also false and kind of stupid as it would imply that eating more would cause weight loss.

The real answer isn’t quite as clear cut, and could really be the result of several things combined. Hormonal responses as a result of rising and falling blood sugar levels because of your breakfast could certainly be impacting your hunger levels. The simple fact that you have food moving through your digestive tract and out of your stomach could be a cue of sorts that tells your brain that it’s ready for more food.


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Why do dreams sometimes feel like they really happened in reality?

Your brain usually does a great job with separating reality from the subconscious (sleep, REM sleep, etc.) Sometimes, the two states of mind mingle and affect each other. This mingling is evident through sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.


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